Terms & Conditions

The Oakraven Field Centre (Oakraven) sits in a tranquil location on the eastern edge of the Forest of Dean. The aim of these rules is to allow the enjoyment of Oakraven with little impact on our neighbours. If any of our neighbours have any problems with any of our guests please immediately telephone the on-site warden on 01594 369 343 (any time, day or night) and we will try to sort out the problem then and there. A copy of Oakraven T&Cs are available to download and are also displayed at the main entrances to the build.

General Rules at Oakraven

  1. Keep the door shut & quiet outside by 10pm
  2. No loud music, amplifiers, stomping in the hall, or pets on beds
  3. Lift the hall furniture (do not drag it)
  4. Departure time is normally by 10am

You may lose some/all of your deposit, if at the end of your stay you do not:

  1. Take sheets & pillow cases (not the mattress protectors) off all used beds
  2. Turn off all radiators
  3. Empty all bins/recycling bins to the front blue bins
  4. Return all furniture, hoover/sweep though & clear up dog mess
  5. Lock-up and put the key though the letterbox in the wardens front door

Terms & Conditions for Hire of the Oakraven Field Centre (last updated 27/11/23)

1) HIRE: All guests are required to read and accept our terms and conditions before hiring and entering Oakraven. Unless otherwise agreed check in is from 4pm and check out by 10am, although this can normally be extended at an additional cost of £20 per hour (with prior agreement). Hire is normally for a maximum of either 20 or 34 people on-site, if you group exceeds your maximum (at any time) they may be asked to leave or you will be additionally charged at £30 per person per day. Signs identify private areas (such as the warden’s areas, private outbuildings and private garden) which are not included in the hire. There is normally an on-site warden(s) and they may undertake maintenance work during your stay. The wardens try to keep out of the way, but are generally available should any guests require assistance. Oakraven staff reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions, without prior notification. Outdoor areas are covered by CCTV for security.

2) PAYMENT: The balance payment for the hire of Oakraven is due at least 60 days before the booking and we reserve the right to cancel bookings, or make a £50 surcharge for late payment. No refund will normally be made in the event of your cancelling a booking, with the exceptions of snow preventing travel (where 50% of the cost of hire will be returned). Fifty pounds is the maximum refund that will be offered, should any of the facilities normally offered at Oakraven be unavailable. The £150 cleaning/breakage deposit is generally returned by BACS transfer the week after your booking (please e-mail your bank details after your stay to enable a BACS transfer). Guests accept liability for damage to Oakraven and its contents during their stay and additional damage will be billed separately.

3) PROHIBITED USAGE: NO HEN or STAGS groups, LOUD PARTIES, drunken antics, or illegal drugs are permitted. No guns, blank firing guns, cap guns, paintball, or fireworks (with the exception of the weeks of the 5th November, Christmas and New Years eve) shall be fired anywhere on-site. The Forest of Dean is accessible by the public from a number of footpaths in Jubilee Road. The forest is owned by the Forestry Commission (FC), and their bylaws are displayed at the front entrance (and available for download here FoD byelaws (A4). The FC must be contacted to check whether permission is required to undertake any organised activities in the forest.

4) NOISE: We do not allow loud parties, PA systems, amplifies, drums, karaoke, or similar. No loud music is allowed outside the building at any time and it is a requirement that little noise is made outside the building between 10.00pm and 9am. The external doors must generally be kept shut between 10.00pm and 9am. No music, singing or shouting is allowed inside the building after 11pm.

5) FIRE: No smoking is allowed in the main building. You must not tamper with or remove any of the safety/fire signage and equipment. A smoking shelter is provided in the rear courtyard, but this must be used quietly after 10pm. No flame (whether naked or behind glass in lanterns) is allowed in the main building or its undercrofts. Outdoors fires are permitted in the designated fire-pit areas only or in braziers.

6) PARKING & POSSESSIONS: Vehicles are parked and possessions brought to the site entirely at the owner’s risk. The management of Oakraven accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to possessions brought on site. Keys to secure the main front door and the two main dormitories are available on request. The main driveway and access to Holm Farm must always be kept clear to allow access by the emergency services.

7) RUBBISH & RE-CYCLING: Place all glass, cans and cardboard in the green recycling boxes provide. At the end of your stay you are required to leave the site clean and tidy. Cleaning equipment (including vacuum cleaners, mops & buckets) are made available, just ask the warden if you are unable to find anything. At the end of your stay all rubbish and re-cycling must be transferred to the appropriate large blue bins, which are located next to the front main driveway gates. Failure to re-cycle will generally result in £40 being deducted from your deposit. Cigarette butts must be placed in a suitable receptacle for disposal and not thrown on the ground.

8) BEDDING: Sheets and pillows are provided, but otherwise guests are expected to provide their own bedding. The bed sheets & pillow cases (but not the mattress protectors please) must be removed at the end of your stay, and placed together in a pile on one of the bunk beds. Failure to removed the sheets, or to additionally remove the mattress protectors will generally result in £40 being deducted from your deposit.

9) PARKING & PLAY EQUIPMENT: The Management accepts no liability for loss or damage caused to any vehicle or its contents whilst parked at the Centre. Some items of play equipment are provided for children ONLY and children must be supervised at all times. Parents/Guardians should check the equipment is safe before allowing children on this equipment. The equipment is used at your own risk and the management does not accept liability for any accident, injury or misadventure while using play equipment.

10) EXCLUSION: Oakraven staff reserves the right to exclude and remove any guest from Oakraven at their discretion (with only a brief verbal explanation). You may be excluded if you are thought to be in breach of any of these terms and conditions. Excluded guests are not entitlement to any refund. Where any terms and conditions are breached, guests will normally be given two verbal warnings and be asked to desist. After two verbal warnings further breaches of these terms and conditions will normally result in either: total or partial loss of deposit, expulsion of individuals from site, or expulsion of all guests. Verbal or physical abuse to Oakraven staff from guests will not be tolerated and may result in the immediate exclusion from Oakraven, as well as incidents being reported to the police.