Booking & Prices


Subject to availability, the charges for exclusive hire of the Oakraven Field Centre (which allows for up to a MAXIMUM of 30 guests) are as follows:

  • £740 for 2-night weekend (This is from 4pm Friday to 11am Sunday). 
  • £940 for a 3-night weekend (This is from 4pm Friday to 11am Monday).
  • £1440 per week (This is from 4pm Friday to 10am Friday
  • £200 for a single weekday night (This is from 4pm to 10am)
  • £60 for daytime  ONLY hire (or £20 for a morning, afternoon or evening period).

SMALL GROUPS (up to 20 guests) reduces the cost of weekend or week long hire by £100. LARGE GROUPS (up to 36 guest) increase the cost of weekend or week hire by £100.


  • Check-in or Check-out can be extended by 3 hours at a small additional cost of £30.
  • The above prices are all for self-catering. Please see our catering page for possible catering options.
  • 36 tankards and 36 goblets are provide for guests use during your stay.

Oakraven Field Centre, Jubilee Rd, Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, GL17 0EE. Tel: 01594 369 343, E-mail:

1) Before booking please check the Oakraven Field Centre availability and  our terms & conditions (which all guests must agree to).

2) To make a booking please e-mail: Your name, Your Group’s name, contact phone number, and required dates to –

3) On receiving a booking instruction by e-mail we will send further information including how to make a deposit payment. Your booking instruction will be held for 14-days awaiting confirmation. To confirm a weekend booking a £150 non-returnable deposit. The balance payment is due 60 days before your booking.

An additional £150 cleaning/breakage deposit will be included in your balance payment . Assuming no damage or problems, your cleaning/breakage deposit will be returned after you have left the site. You will need to provide your bank details to allow this transfer to be made.

Terms & Conditions

The following are the Terms and Conditions for hire of the Oakraven Field Centre. All group leaders hiring the site must ensure that all the members of their group are aware of, and accept these conditions. Our aim is to develop rules which allow enjoyment of the site and surrounding lands, but which respect our neighbours. I hope you can appreciate this is something of an ongoing process, and so these terms and conditions may be changed at any time, without prior notification.

1) NOISE: You must ensure that little noise is made outside the building from 10.00pm to 9.30am. No loud ‘base’ music, foot stomping or drumming, etc., is permitted after 10pm inside the building.

2) SAFETY: You must not tamper with or remove any of the safety/fire signage and equipment. No smoking is allowed in the main building. No flame (whether naked or behind glass in lanterns) is allowed in the main building. Fires are permitted in the designated outdoor fire-pit areas only, or in braziers with a metal plate underneath to protect the ground. No blank firing, paintball or airsoft guns shall be fired anywhere on-site.

3) DAMAGE & LOSS: All damage to the Field Centre and Reserve must be paid for. Vehicles are parked and possessions brought to the site at entirely at the owner’s risk. The management of Oakraven accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to possessions brought on site.

4) CLEANING-UP: Please ensure that all glass, cans, etc are placed in the recycling boxes provided and only general non-recyclable rubbish is placed in the rubbish bins. Cigarette butts must be placed in a suitable receptacle and not thrown on the ground. At the end of your stay you should leave the site clean & tidy. Cleaning materials, a hoover, mops, brushes, etc are all provided. On the morning of your last day, remove the used green sheets from the beds and place these on a table in the room for collection. Please DO-NOT remove the white mattress protectors under the green sheets. This is a small request that saves us a lot of time, and if ignored we may deduct £2 from your deposit for each mattress protector removed.

5) PHOTOGRAPHS & VIDEOS: Andy Moir reserves the right to use any photographs or videos taken on the site by staff or guests in publicity material, with due acknowledgement.

6) EXTENT OF HIRE: The maximum number of guests allowed for in an exclusive booking is normally either 20, 30 or 36. Guests exceeding the agreed maximum on site, may either be asked to leave the site or the group can pay the additional amount. Exclusive weekend bookings are from 4pm Friday to 11am Sunday. Mid week break’s is from 4pm Monday to 11am Friday, individual week day hire is similarly from 4pm to 11am. The hire and use of the centre applies to Oakraven Field Centre building and its 1.5 acres of grounds only. The warden’s areas, some workshops and a private garden are not included in the hire. The site’s staff monitor use of the site throughout all stays, but they will generally keep out of the way, unless any guests require assistance. The adjoining 3.0 acre nature reserve is public access, but for prior agreed educational uses only.

7) BREACH OF TERMS: Oakraven staff and in turn group leaders who hire the site reserve the right to exclude and remove any guests on the site at their discretion. Individuals thought to be in breach of any of these terms and conditions will be asked to desist. Further breach of a condition will result in a second warning. After two warnings any further breach of conditions may result in total loss of deposit, and/or expulsion of individuals or the entire group from the site. You are not entitled to any refund where these terms have been breached.