Organised Activities

Organised Activities at Oakraven Field Centre in the Forest of Dean

There are loads of things to do during your stay in the Forest of Dean, and you can book many activities through a local company called Life Changing Activities. The activity will be tailored to suit your group so you can do what you want, when you want for as long as you want. Below are just a few of the things you can do, but if you would like to see more contact Michael at

Survival Training

Survival TrainingWe can run this activity in the grounds of Oakraven if you do not want to travel or if you want to be out in the Forest we can run it at Symonds Yat. The session starts with learning how to build shelters out of natural materials.  We then move on to fire lighting with strikers and even with sticks, water sterilisation, wild food preparation and cooking etc.   This is a great team bonding activity as we have some competitive elements to keep the fun going but also elements where you have to work together.  Where different people within the group can use their to assist their team.

It is a great day out in the Forest whatever type of group you are.

Gorge Walking

Gorge WalkingThis is the most popular outdoor activity that groups opt to do, it is exciting, challenging and great fun. There is a gorge only 40 minutes from one of the most popular gorge walking venues in South Wales. If you have never been gorge walking then it basically involves scrambling up a river as a group. Each river and gorge is different but the challenges on this gorge are sliding up wormholes, climbing waterfalls, jumping into pools and working your way though a jumble of rocks, there is also a tunnel to navigate at the end of the session.

Although it can look a little scary it is very safe and is suitable for all levels of fitness and ability. It is a highly bonding activity and very popular with Stag and Hen Parties as well as family groups.

Team Challenge

Team ChallengeThis activity is very different, it takes place in the grounds of Oakraven so you don’t have to travel anywhere.  It is very popular with Hen Parties and families and there is a special version for Stag Parties as well.  Team Challenge is a competitive event and you will be split into teams with each team having their own instructor who will act as the teams judge, scorer and mentor.  When the event starts each team has to choose a challenge from the list that is pinned up on the wall.  The challenges could be physical, creative or just plain daft.  The team has to complete each challenge and score points then rush back to choose a new one.

There are loads of challenges to choose from so the tactic is to pick challenges that best suit your team. At the end of the event (usually about 3 hours long) the scores are revealed and prizes are awarded.  It is great fun with lots of laughs and is really good for getting to know everyone if the group is just meeting for the first time as Hen and Stag groups often do.



ClimbingThe Forest of Dean has some great cliffs for climbing and abseiling at a local beauty spot call Symonds Yat.  There are crags that are suitable for climbing for all levels and abilities. Imagine scrambling up rock with Buzzards circling overhead and fantastic views of the River Wye below you, and that is the experience that this outdoor activity can offer. The climbing can be exhilarating and the buzz when you get to the top, indescribable.

Recent advances in climbing equipment have made this an extremely safe activity. You will be assisting each other to get to the top and with so many climbs to choose from everyone will find something that they are able to conquer.

This type of activity often suits parties of mixed ability and fitness as you can do as little or as much as you like so there is always something for everyone to do.

There are some great spots for abseiling in the Forest of Dean. This outdoor activity does not just mean jumping down cliffs, we can go abseiling off disused railway bridges or even waterfalls to make the whole activity more exciting and different.  It is a great group activity as anyone can do the abseil but some find it easier than others.  Having a good group around you can make all the difference, and the excitement when you do start abseiling is amazing. Abseiling is suitable for any age above 7.

Tyrolean Challenge

Tyrolean ChallengeIf you are after a real adrenaline rush then why not try our Tyrolean Challenge? This is the scariest and most exciting of the roped activities.   It takes place at Symonds Yat only 15 minutes from Oakraven. It has an element of climbing and abseiling but you also construct a zip wire from rope over a 50’ wide and 50’ deep chasm.  After tightening up the ropes you clip your harness onto the rope and zip over the drop to a 150’ tall stack of rock.  Once everyone is across and a few great photos taken you then abseil off the top to the ground and then have to do a vertical climb back to the start.  A really great session for full on adrenaline junkies.




High Ropes

High RopesThis takes place at a purpose built centre only 15 minutes drive from Oakraven. This activity has the whole group wearing harnesses and helmets and attempting various tasks high off the ground protected by ropes.

There are a number of different elements, some really fun and some really challenging.  A typical fun one is the crate stack which has the teams building a tower of crates in pairs while standing on them. When they fall off they are left dangling by the ropes that they are attached to.  A challenging element is the Leap of Faith which has you climbing a pole using wooden blocks and then leaping for a trapeze, just to make it even more interesting we can move the trapeze a long way away from the pole, really scary for those with a fear of heights.

During all the activities the other members of the team are controlling the ropes so there is a great deal of banter, encouragement (sometimes) and a great deal of fun.


CavingThe same rocks that you climb and gorge walk up also contains cave systems formed eons ago. If you have never tried caving it is quite different from most peoples expectations.  We have some great caves at the Forest of Dean and some of the biggest caving systems in the country in the Brecon Beacons just 40 minutes drive away so we can find a cave to suit you and your group.  There are caves that you just walk into and hardly have to stoop and there are others where you scramble up, under and through huge rock formations. There is the initial thrill of fear of the unknown but once below ground there is an element of stillness and tranquillity that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

You can visit caves both wet and dry that have huge caverns and features that will surprise and amaze. This is a great group bonding activity and caving is really nothing like most people expect,  I find groups of friends really enjoy this outdoor activity.

To enquire or book any of these activities just go to For an example on prices a day of Team Challenge would cost around £45 per person with a minimum charge of £540