Live Role-Play

Live Role-Play (LRP) & Live Action Role-Play (LARP)

The Oakraven Field Centre recognises the importance of role-play and creativity, and encourages its use in education and getting people outdoors. Certainly there is nothing sinister or dangerous about live role-play, and participants range from students to professional people letting off steam.

In a nut shell live-role-play is the grown up version of imaginative play, with people in costumes following made up adventures. Live role-play uses a diversity of periods and genres and the Oakraven Field Centre is happy to host the occasional groups of: Celtic/Viking warriors (using safe foam-padded weapons), Medieval peasants & knights and 1920’s Murder Mystery.

A Medieval banquet at Oakraven (photo by Beth Dooner)


A 1920’s dinner party at Oakraven (photo by Andy Morrison)


For further details on booking a LRP/LARP event at the Oakraven Field Centre please e-mail:

For some more information on the hobby see a BBC new article at